TED is a non-profit organization with a strong motive to promote innovative and inspirational ideas. Major part of its functioning is organizing various TED talks delivered by people of great minds. A TED Talk is a small lecture (of 18 minute or less) built upon a strong idea that can bring a change in people’s life and thus deserves to be spread all across the world. TED works with a goal to spread as much a possible all the ideas that are worth spreading. Over the years, TED has grown to be a very big community, that has talks related every topic and every genre. An independently organized TED event (organized by another organization under the name of TED) is called a TEDx event and TEDxIITBHU is a TEDx event organized by the students of IIT-BHU (Varanasi). We believe strongly in the principles with which TED works. TEDxIITBHU hopes to connect our peer with all the innovative and inspirational ideas that people are working on, around us. We believe that new ideas tend to inspire people and have a reformed ideology that in turn results in new ideas which further inspires more people. This year, we bring to you the 5 th edition of TEDxIITBHU with a humble desire to inspire as many as possible. We have had very influential speakers like Sanjeev Kapoor in the previous editions and now we bring to you even better. We thrive to get the most innovative and inspirational ideas as possible and create a large difference in the society.
Set on the banks of the mighty Ganges, Varanasi is a city older than time. It has seen the world turn, tides change and generations of humans born and die for over 5,000 years. Varanasi is a land of charisma and mystique, enveloped with the ravages of time. Suffused with swirls of incense smoke, and packed with the riff-raff of pilgrims, saffron-clothed Sadhus with red eyes, palmistry experts, fortune-tellers, astrologists and the sacred-thread bearing Brahmin Pandits, Varanasi is an exuberant city overflowing with colours, people, religion and all things that kindle the flame of life
The theme is called 'Shades'. As the world progresses headlong into the future, change - it seems - is the only constant we can rely upon. Perhaps it is in our nature to appreciate that which changes - that which evolves. Though this incessant turmoil may seem an unnecessarily heavy burden at times, it is not hard to see that it is the single greatest testament to our being - it is what makes us human. It is in celebration of this role of contrast in our existence that TEDxIITBHU invites you on a journey across the globe, across time, and across lives, to depict the Shades that paint humanity.